Central Texas Chapter
CTEHA Update

Central Texas hosted our Fall workshop on Dec 8th in San Marcos which was a great success. We had over 90 attendees for 8 CEU's. We discovered that we needed to add a second signatory as well as add our ED to our bank account and invest in a PO Box for our chapter. The additional expense will be added to our budget and voted on at our next GC meeting scheduled for Jan 24th. 2 new GC members, both from City of Austin, were elected. Welcome to Lori Murphy and Liz McGhee! Many thanks to all others who ran for a position. We are always looking for volunteers. Proposals to amend our chapters current constitution and by laws were presented and opened for any comments. A vote to accept the proposed updates will be taken at our next membership conference.
Our Spring conference is scheduled for May 17-18, 2017 in San Marcos TX. Attendees will have opportunity for 14 CEUs. We will expand our speakers to include more code oriented presentations to help our more rural area inspectors who sometimes are tasked with more than just Registered Sanitarian duties. The cost will be determined and posted on the TEHA website as soon as possible. Members will be able to pay for conference online thru the TEHA website. If you have any presentations/speakers in mind let us know.

 *Just a friendly reminder all attendees must show current membership card to gain entry to conference- digital or paper copy gladly accepted. You can print your current card thru the myteha.org website. Hope to see yall in May.