East Texas Chapter
A Message from Chapter President Dolores Price

The East Texas Chapter TEHA has had a busy few months helping Code Enforcement Association of Texas (CEAT) on their annual conference happening on Feb. 16-18, 2017 in Tyler, TX and the DSHS East Texas Community outreach conference happening on April 28, 2017 in Tyler, TX.


On December 15, 2016 ETC-TEHA had its first Teleconference for this term.

On January 13, 2017 Tyler, TX - 2nd meeting for this year’s term and first face to face meeting. The Facebook page for the East Texas Chapter is live! Please like, and shareJ. We finalized the training for February 1, 2017 Conference in (Emory) Rains County. This is a Free Class on Illegal Dumping Enforcement.


 Illegal dumping - and the accumulation of public health nuisances on private property -creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes. These laws can be used by local governments to reduce this dangerous habitat

This class is great training for code officers, registered sanitarians, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, students and elected officials needing accurate information to stop dumping and control mosquito breeding areas.

Instructors will be John Ockels (TIDRC Director) and Robert Knight (Senior Criminal Investigator, Walker County Environmental Crime Unit).

Please visit the link to register. http://www.tidrc.com

Link for registration for CEAT conference


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