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TEHA Presidential Message

Message from the 2015-16 TEHA President Monty McGuffin

Greetings Texas Environmental Health Association Members…


Its spring time in the Great State of Texas!! That means spring flowers and festivals!! It means good times with family and friends. It also means a lot of extra work for many environmental health professionals, inspecting special events all across the state. It’s also the time many of our chapters are having their spring conferences and workshops. Spring is a busy time to be a public health professionals in the state of Texas. The one thing spring means to me is CHANGE. Changing from winter to fall, changing from livestock show season to softball season, changing from hunting to fishing. Depending on how you look at things change can be perceived as exciting or a new adventure, too many change is one of the scariest words that is ever spoken. Change can put fear in a person like nothing you have ever seen. The change could be family or work related, it could be personal or professional. It doesn’t really matter, but any change in a person’s life can really cause a lot unwanted stress. We as a profession are all dealing with one change together. The New Food Establishment Rules that the state passed last year have been a common change that we have all had to deal with. For some, it has been a breeze, for others they have struggled to make the adjustment to the new way of doing inspections. With change comes hurdles and obstacles that need to be addressed. Many of us have a team to work with to help meet those challenges, for others, they face these challenges alone. If you find yourself struggling with any change, reach out to a friend or family member to help you out. That’s what the old saying says “that’s what friends are for”, right? If you are struggling professionally in your public health career and don’t have a group of fellow inspectors or friends you can reach out to, try TEHA! We are always looking to help anybody in our profession. We have a large group of public health professionals at our disposal that can discuss a wide range of topics. Maybe you just want to sit back and listen to other professionals speak on a variety of subjects, please sign-up for a chapter conference in your area, you won’t be disappointed.  Whatever the CHANGE maybe in your life, don’t let it get your down. Hold your head up high and push forward, but know that your TEHA family is here to help with that CHANGE.