Welcome to TEHA!
President Message by Victor Baldovinos

2017:  The Year To Come

Greetings fellow TEHA members,

Happy New Year to all!

As we ring in 2017, I am reminded of a quote by Charles Swindoll, “Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent of how I react to it.” This quote is near and dear to me because as we face daily diversities, it’s up to us how we react to them. As an association of professionals, we will face challenging times during this legislative session. We have an obligation to membership (our stakeholders) to unite to protect our association, our profession, and our careers. We will need subject-matter experts that are willing to testify, once bills are presented. Let’s work to organize as a united front, to keep the public safe!

Knowing this, a few members will decide not to react. Perhaps even take a break from TEHA altogether. I hope all membership can see all the benefits and positive things that we have accomplished and decide to keep moving forward with us, for the betterment of our association and our professions.

At the end of the first 100 days, it is important to measure the successes and accomplishments of what has been completed. Although we were faced with a very difficult situation, we are in the process of submitting all the IRS forms. The CPA and Executive Director have developed a form that all chapters will be using for uniformity of our budget and improve yearly filings. Additionally, we have started to work on filing for the reinstatement of our non-profit status. This will be completed before the next quarter.

Furthermore, we have evaluated how we can keep improving our educational conferences and some speakers have already been confirmed. If you know of a speaker that you would like to have at our next conference, please let Jodie know ASAP.

Moreover, we are now offering electronic registration and payment for all chapters. Members can use a credit card to pay registration fees for trainings or conferences and pay for membership. This is a great tool that will increase participation and is an additional, convenient method for payment.

Sustaining membership is very important and I would like to remind all members to please reach out to our neighboring communities, friends and colleagues to continue to increase our membership. Once members, please guide them on how to get involved with the different committees or even the Governing Council, and many other opportunities that our great association offers.

Lastly, thank you for your hard work! I am truly honored to have the opportunity to serve as your TEHA President. I hope that we can continue to work together to make our association the best it can be!

Serving you,

J. Victor Baldovinos


 In my many years of service, TEHA has been a great part of my career.  For this reason, I will make sure we continue to strive to correct our organization's non-profit and IRS status. We will come together as a strong unified organization to implement measures that will prevent these things from happening again.

We must also prepare ourselves for the upcoming legislative session. Although our fight at the last legislative session was a victory, this upcoming one will sure be an active one. Therefore, please email any cases involving raw milk complaints, unapproved food being prepared in the home or any concerns, along with pictures to Jodie.halter@myteha.org

 On a positive note, as many of our members know, I have always tried to increase our membership. Through the work of many wonderful, hard, working board members, we have reached the 1,000-member mark. This a great milestone for TEHA, but we're definitely not done. As you know, there is power in numbers! We need to make sure that if anyone is a Registered Sanitarian, Environmental Health Director, Health Director, Health Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, Code Compliance Officer, Animal Control Officer, Vector Control Technician, Emergency Preparedness or in OSSF, they need to be a member of TEHA. We would also like to invite our partners in the restaurant and food industry to join our membership.


 Let's make this a great year!

V.  Baldovinos