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TEHA Presidential Message

Message from the 2015-16 TEHA President Monty McGuffin

Greetings Texas Environmental Health Association Members…


HAPPY 2016 TEHA Family!!!!

 I hope to find you all doing well in this early part of 2016. Even though we are only a few weeks into this New Year, it has been very challenging for our fellow brothers and sisters in the North Texas area. That part of the state was devastated by ferocious thunder storms and deadly tornados in late 2015. There were many people affected by the extreme weather, some were even members of our very organization. So if you are donating time or money to the relief effort, you very well might be assisting one of our own. These events make me think of one of the greatest attributes we as humans poses, Teamwork! Teamwork is defined as cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a TEAM or in the interests of a common cause. We as individuals have to work as a team on a daily basis. Be it at home, work, volunteering or in an origination such as TEHA. Teamwork is something that can unite a group of people for the greater good, or it can tear apart what the overall hope and desire was. Teamwork is about coming together with different ideas and coming to a mutual agreement to achieve that desired goal. Teamwork is about putting away labels and titles to help rebuild something that has been torn apart. Teamwork, is one thing we as a society can always continue to strive to improve upon. NEHA is coming to the great state of Texas in 2016! They are asking TEHA for help in hosting this great event. The TEAMWORK between NEHA and TEHA will be imperative to make this a successful event. So for all of our TEHA family that would be interested in volunteering to make this a special event, with a great TEXAS feel, keep an eye out for updates on our website. I look forward to seeing our TEHA TEAMWORK in ACTION!