Welcome to TEHA!
President Message by Monty McGuffin

UP’s and Downs/ High’s and Low’s

Well everyone my term as TEHA President is almost at an end. I have to say, it hasn’t been at all what I expected when I ran for this office a few years back. I will say, it truly has been a learning experience with Up’s and Down’s/ High’s and Low’s.
The year started out with a bang, with new members having questions and concerns that were new to me and most of the Governing Council. It is always a learning process when new members come on board but this was well beyond your typical concerns. Members were having issues with the way financial and operational businesses were being conducted by the Executive Director and the TEHA Board. I have to admit at first I was truly taken aback by these comments and questions. I felt that we as a group and individually had been doing our best to responsible with TEHA business and to innovate the organization making it more efficient. The ED put together a presentation to be given to the GC at our April meeting of a full accounting of all of our TEHA finances. The presentation was a solid accounting of our financials and was well received by the GC. There still were some question at that time that needed to be addressed, but overall it was very productive. Feeling that we had put that main issue to bed and the board was satisfied, we got news of another possible issue, this one even more concerning. It was brought to the ED’s and Boards attention that TEHA was not in good standing with IRS. After some research and consultation with our new CPA, it was found to be true. TEHA was not in good standing with the IRS and had in fact lost its 501c3 status. Since that was brought to our attention, we have been working with our new CPA to resolve the issue. The CPA feels that TEHA will be fully reinstated and be back in the good graces of the IRS by the end of summer. I realize this seems like an eternity, but when dealing with IRS things take time. The discovery of noncompliance with the IRS has led to many questions? How did this happen and why? I can assure you that this is being fully vetted by the CPA. The CPA that has been hired by TEHA has a strong background in working with nonprofits and I feel confident that he will be able to resolve all these issues and make sure we have no further issues in the future. The last issue that had been brought to the board is the issue of the TEHA annual audit. The new CPA informed us that what we had been doing for as far back as we can tell is not a true audit, It is actual a compilation. For the 2015 audit, in accordance with the TEHA by-laws we will be conducting an actual audit of the organization. I know this all sounds very bad and bleak, but I assure you that we will get this all resolved as soon as possible. Since all these issues came to light under my term as president, I have made these issues my top priority for the term of my to presidency to resolve. I hope that we as a group can continue to work together to resolve these issues so future boards do not have to face these issues again.

So now for the Highs of my term. TEHA’s participation at the NEHA conference in San Antonio was very well received. We had an awesome booth and silent auction that generated many visitors. I would like to send a big thank you to Jodie Halter, Kaitlyn Halter, Lori Calzoncit, Stuart Walker, Rebecca Vera, Victor Baldovionos and the guys from South Texas. It truly was a group effort to make this all happen. I was my pleasure and privilege to welcome the NEHA and HUD members to the great State of Texas and my home town of San Antonio. I am also looking forward to this year’s AEC in Austin Texas. It’s going to be a great program for all of members. I look forward to seeing you all soon, and remember “as a unified group we can accomplish great things” !