North Texas Chapter
Chapter News

April 14, 2017
Jim Dingman, Chapter President

Our Spring Educational Conference was held on April 12th at the Civic Center in DeSoto. Even though attendance was down a little, we still enjoyed excellent presentations. Dr. Darin Detweiler – Assistant Dean and Director of the MS program in Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industry at Northeastern University in Boston – provided two excellent presentations on various impacts of foodborne illness, including economics, legal issues, and or course, environmental health. What made his presentation even more impactful, is the fact that his 2 year-old son fell victim to the Jack-in-the-Box foodborne outbreak, even though he never ate there.

Additional topics included:
• Pest control (specifically rats) in food facilities. Rats are sharp critters and they learn very quickly – which makes removing them very difficult.
• An update on the changes found in the 2nd Edition of the MAHC. Information was also provided on how members can submit changes to the MAHC.
• Entomophagy. Yes … eating bugs! The speaker provided chocolate chip (or should I saw chocolate chirp) cookies. Were they made with cricket flour or not? I’ll never tell!

The last item on the agenda was an update of the State GC meeting which was held on April 7th. Here are the highlights:
• The GC spoke with our accountant (the person doing our tax returns) via conference call. The major reason why the taxes are still not filed was because some of the Chapter Treasurers did not classify expenses, and the ED had to do this before sending the information to our accountant. The projected date for completion of all IRS paperwork is May 15th – according to our accountant. Our 501c(3) reinstatement paperwork can then be sent in. The audit will be started after the tax returns have been accepted by the IRS. The State GC has a June 1st deadline for completion of the audit.
• 1St Vice-President Lisa Pomroy and President-Elect Zach Holbrook have resigned their positions. The GC appointed Art Rodriguez as 1st Vice-President, and Ben Stobnocki as 2nd Vice-President.
• Duane Galligher (our lobbyist) provided an update on legislative issues. As of today, there are 2 weeks left to hear bills. As of our meeting date last week, the raw milk bill has not been set for a hearing. TEHA day at the Capitol was a very successful event. Thank you to all that participated!
• Scholarships are available from our Chapter. If you know a student that could use some extra cash for school, please have them look into our scholarships!

The last major item we discussed was the impact of the loss of our Not-for-Profit status on TEHA’s ability to authorize CEUs for TEHA sponsored events. There has been a lot of confusion on whether of CEUs from the date we lost our NFP status to date are valid. Here is the latest news:
• TDSHS has received the application and payment for TEHA to be a Commercial Education Provider. We are awaiting our registration number. Once that is received, our programs will once again be accepted by the State. There is still a question about the validity of those CEUs earned during the date or NFP status was lost and last Wednesday, when TDSHS received our application. We are awaiting a written response from TDSHS on this issue.