Panhandle West Texas Chapter
A message from your Chapter President Shaun May

Panhandle West Texas Chapter Report 

I would like to thank all the attendees, presenters, and especially Dana Hartman and her team for being excellent hosts at our Chapter meeting on March 1 in Snyder, TX.  It was well attended and I think everyone had a good time.  While we are coming up on the busy season for most EH professionals, our Chapter was able to participate and was represented at TEHA Day in the Capital in Austin.  I continue to encourage all EH professionals to be active in you support of TEHA’s legislative agenda.  I was able to attend my second State TEHA Governing Council  (GC) meeting in Austin on April 7th.   I am very appreciate to be able to attend the GC meetings to network and share ideas from across the State. I am very encouraged by how our TEHA president Victor and his team are tackling some historical challenges facing our association.  It is not easy work and I believe they are to be commended for their dedication and service.


New Additions to our Chapter GC 

We would like to recognize and congratulate our new GC members!  Dana Hartman is our new President Elect; I know that she will do an outstanding job.  Gregg Olberts volunteered and was appointed to be our new Secretary.   We are very happy to have Greggs participation.  We would also like to congratulate Terri Auger and Bruce Cunha on their election to the Chapter GC. 


Upcoming Events 

May 23rd – Lubbock – FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Standards – Standard 1 training

June 14th – Odessa – Chapter Meeting/Training – we are still working on the agenda



Anthony Spanel and I traveled to Austin for TEHA Day in the Capital on March 9th.  We partnered with members from other chapter to visit with legislators on TEHA’s opposition to HB 57 Flynn and SB 95 Hall relating to the regulation of raw milk and raw milk products, and  HB 1926 Rodriguez relating to the regulation of food production and sales operations by a home food processor.  I believe that Anthony and I walked about 5 miles that day on the inside of the Capital building. 


State GC Meeting 

I attended the State GC meeting on April 7th in Austin with Stevan Walker and Stuart Walker. It was a very good meeting with many updates.  We got a legislative update from our lobbyist Duane Galligher.  In summary, it appears as though there is not any movement on the Raw Milk or Home food Processor bills.  Good news thus far, but we still have a couple weeks to keep up our pressure.  We also got an update directly from our CPA that is working on our taxes and re-instatement of non-profit status.  He reports that things are going well and he hopes to have his work completed in the next month or so.  The only hitch thus far is that the IRA requests more detailed information on some of the Chapter budget reports.  Jodie, our Executive Director, has been working really hard to get all that pulled together and we are headed in the right direction.  Victor, TEHA president, will be working with Jodie to deliver a standardized process for Chapters to use when submitting their budget reports.  There were a few questions on how the loss/suspension of our non-profit status with the IRS affected our standing as a CEU provider.  Victor and Jodie reported that they have been in contact with TDSHS and we are in good standing with them and there are no issues at this time. 

 Social Event

A few people have expressed an interest in our Chapter sponsoring a social event this summer for our members and their families as a way to say “Thanks” to all our Chapter membership for all of your support and participation.  If you have any ideas on dates/times, locations, and activities, please email me at