About Us 

Our Mission is to work for the betterment of the health and welfare of people through the improvement of the environment.

  • To provide a professional organization for Sanitarians and Environmental Health Professionals, designed to serve as the focal point for their education and professional status.
  • To protect and strengthen the status of the Professional Sanitarian and the Environmental Health Professional, and to strive for recognition of the Association as a scientific group rendering service for the general welfare of the public.
  • To provide educational meetings each year for members and their guests and to promote the exchange of ideas and update techniques in the profession.
  • To bring about standardization in the interpretation of Environmental laws and practices of the State of Texas.
  • To encourage the establishment of courses of instruction for the purposes of increasing knowledge and efficiency of Sanitarians and Environmental Health Professionals.
  • To foster and promote high standards of attainment by Sanitarians and Environmental Health Professionals in their work and in their qualifications.
  • To inform the general public and industry, through good public relations procedures, of the present work performed in Environmental science and the future goals of the Association.
  • To promote better understanding and closer working relationships among this Association, Industry and other professional group.