Gulf Coast Chapter
A Message from Your Chapter President

Caryn A. Abiola

Welcome to the Gulf Coast Chapter!

The Annual Education Conference recently held in Austin, TX was tons of fun! TEHA Friends & Colleagues from all over joined hands to really make this year’s conference a great celebration of member accomplishments and continuing education. Despite the challenge of a City-wide Boil Water Notice, the conference was not affected, and most importantly no one became sick.


Well, my journey with TEHA actually began at a conference held in Lake Jackson, TX. With my great love for Food Safety, I immediately became very interested in the organization and won over the rest of my fellow workers with the idea of joining.  Chris Lewis and Cosima Williams were among those who joined, and they have continued to make a great impact within the organization today!

Chris has taken on a newly thought of role as our Chapter Historian, and was recently elected as a 2-year Governing Council Member. Cosima was also elected as a 2-year Governing Council Member, and was just rewarded the “Meritorious Award” for her excellent service and hard work. Additionally, she is newlywed--so let us all congratulate her!

The Texas Environmental Health Association is a wonderful organization to be a part of. We offer entertaining, yet educational conferences with great food and great people. It’s the TEHA Way, we are family! I always encourage active members to renew and non-members to sign-up, either right here online or at one of our four major conferences we offer per year.

The next conference will be held in Houston, Tx at the Trini Mendenhall Community center on April 23rd, 2019.  We will be offering an Environmental track with a focus on Emergency Preparedness.  Please refer back to the website for the most current announcements.

Last but not least, I would like to also recognize 1st Vice President Teresa Lee for her many years of dedication and loyalty to this Chapter. I wish you success in your new role and look forward to working with you.

“Our Past President John Shrader has respectfully “passed the gavel”, and I am privileged and excited to take on such a great role & responsibility within the Texas Environmental Health Association! Mr. Shrader has done a fine job paving the way into leading such an amazing and intelligent group of people! He is an excellent example of a true leader and role model. I am more than honored to pick up where he has left off!”


Thank you all for the opportunity to be your President!


All the Best,  

Caryn A. Abiola, R.S., CP-FS

Gulf Coast Chapter- President