Gulf Coast Chapter
Gulf Coast Chapter Up Coming Events

Dear TEHA Members and those that will be soon: 

The Gulf Coast Chapter held an educational conference March 6 at the Trini Mendenhall Community Center.  There were 87 members and a couple of new members in attendance.  We had presentations on remediation of blood borne pathogens, OSSFs serving food establishments, regulation of groundwater in relation to subsidence issues, emergency preparedness and food safety and waste disposal challenges in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and a legislative update from Duane Galligher.   And our president, Russell O’Brien gave a status of the Association report. 


Our next conference is May 17 at the Rosenberg Civic Center 3825 Hwy 36 S Rosenberg TX.  We plan to have a fajita lunch catered.  We are planning to start the day with John Ockels giving a three hour presentation on illegal dumping and the course waste takes to the oceanic gyres.  The afternoon will be filled with presentations on Oyster Resources, their health following Harvey, and access issues to our public resource, Seafood Safety, and the biggest water project in the world that is being planned to provide potable water to the greater Houston area.  Mark your calendars for this interesting conference. 


On March 30, TEHA sponsored a property cleanup project for a veteran and his wife.  John Shrader served as representative of TEHA.  A local Boy Scout needed to perform an Eagle Service Project that met the requirement of service to the world community.  This project met that requirement by having the goal of improving the health of the community by reducing conditions conducive to pest harborage and infestation.  At the end of 297 man hours, the project accomplished this goal by removing 20 cubic yards of debris and rubbish left behind by Harvey, mowing and weed eating the property, and setting a new set of steps and deck at the front door to their home.  We ask your prayers continue for the veteran and his family as they are still living off site due to the damage of the home and their health is not the best.  We offer a salute to the Eagle Scout and his team of volunteers for their efforts.  It was a beautiful thing they did on their school holiday.  

Thank you,

John Shrader, President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of TEHA