Welcome to TEHA!


                                                                                Lights, Camera, Action!!!!!!

Our dear Ben Stobnicki decided on the theme for our 64th Annual Education Conference and MAN what an overwhelming response we had.  Many of you basked in the lights, the red carpet was extended while the buz from the paparazzi's cameras gave you all a chance to become celebrities, but most importantly, everyone sprang into action during each session and especially during casino night.  Whew, not sure about most of you, but I could no longer give autographs by Friday afternoon...pun definitely intended.

Our President Elect, as most of you know, was Mr. Stobnicki and one thing for sure we all can attest to is his love for TEHA and his enthusiasm to grow the organization.  Being asked by him personally to step into his shoes was a daunting task and to be honest, not one I thought could be filled by me.  While walking to the podium during the opening session seemed effortless and carefree, if one could look deeper and put a finger on my pulse, you would have known just how inadequate and menial I felt.  It was at that pivotal time when I scanned the audience that I saw Ben in each and everyone of your faces.  Thank you!!  Being accepted by my peers is not a requirement that I wish to fulfill daily, but fostering an environment where we are FAMILY is a podium that is inclusive of us all. 

I shall and will not make false promises that are impossible to keep, but what I can give to this phenomenal association is a smile, professionalism, transparency, and to restore integrity.  Ben's wish was to have a member of the executive board present at all chapter meetings and I, along with a few good people will bring that to fruition. This will take an act of congress and patience on both ends, but PLEASE feed me when I arrive!

We have lots of news to share and are quite excited about where our path is taking us, so during this holiday season let's give thanks for every accomplishment, whether good or bad.  The good keeps us elated and our faces turned toward the sun....however be thankful for the bad because during the storms is when we rally together, find our greatest strengths  and hopefully learn the lesson that what didn't destroy us only made us stronger.  Eat heartily, cherish your family, repair broken relationships, but in all things.....GIVE THANKS.  There are no little I's or big YOU's........we, collectively, matter and make up TEHA!


Your President,

Leisha Kidd-Brooks


*We are working on the new website, please be patient with us as we tranfer over details and get the new website up and running!