Honorary Life Memberships


Upon approval of the Awards Committee and Governing Council, Honorary Life Membership may be awarded to retired members who have been active in the Association for a period of 10 years or more or active members who have performed the meritorious service and outstanding work in the field of Environmental, Consumer or Public Health. This membership will entitle them to full voting rights without further payment of annual dues.

 A.J. Thompson  East Texas
 Alton G. Rogers  Gulf Coast
 Anthony E. Bennett  Central Texas 
 Brenda Elrod  East Texas
 Brian K. Collins  North Texas
 C. Stephen Killen  North Texas
 Conrad Janus  Gulf Coast
 Dan Dennison  Panhandle / West Texas
 Donald Jirasek  Central Texas 
 Eldred L. Pruitt  North Texas
 Elise Dixon  North Texas
 Ginger L. Shaffer  East Texas
 H. Joe Vickery  Gulf Coast
 Henry Sprouls  East Texas
 Janet Greenwood  Gulf Coast
 Jay Caudle  North Texas
 Jimmie D. Dickens  Central Texas 
 Jimmy Stephens  North Texas
 John M. Shaffer  East Texas
 Ken Williams  North Texas
 Larry Dodd  Gulf Coast
 Margie N. Earl  Central Texas 
 Nick H. Fohn  Central Texas 
 Reid Martin  Gulf Coast
 Reuben A. Warren  North Texas
 Richard Briley  North Texas
 Sally C. Gutierrez  At-Large
 Thomas Touchstone  South Texas
 Tommy Bartley  Panhandle / West Texas
 Virgil B. Moody  North Texas
 Willa Orr Crump  North Texas
 Willard R. James  North Texas
 William C. Lewis  R.S. #16  Gulf Coast