Member Spotlight 
Gulf Chapter Spotlight
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 11:41am


Cosima Robinson, MS, RS, is an investigator for the Food and Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Program, in the Environmental Public Health Division of Harris County Public Health.  She performs food establishment inspections and neighborhood investigations on a daily basis, and also teaches food handler courses in the community.   

She has worked with the county for a total of three years.


Cosima is a graduate of the University of Houston-Clear Lake, with a Master’s in Counseling.  She earned her Bachelor’s in Public Health from Lamar University.  She is extremely excited to join the organization, and looks forward to continued contributions to the environmental health profession and the community.


Cosima’s name originated from the famous Cosima Wagner, daughter of composer-pianist Franz Liszt, and wife of composer Richard Wagner.  Thus, she has lived up to her name by becoming a musician herself, playing both the flute and piano in her spare time.   When she is not playing music, she enjoys exercise, literature, and time with friends and family.


Be sure to look for her as part of the entertainment Tuesday night at the AEC!