Panhandle West Texas News
Friday, April 8, 2016 at 3:58pm

On April 8, 2016 I had the opportunity to attend my second State Governing Council (GC) meeting in Austin. The weather was great, once I left the wind of Lubbock and the drive beautiful with the bluebonnets and wild flowers in bloom. Our hotel also hosted a Ducati convention and along South Congress, Austin a classic car event was going on, so it was overall a great trip. 

Our State GC meeting was about five hours in length, and we ran out of coffee, which made it feel longer. There were several discussion items including (for a full report, see my May 2016 Presidents Update):

· Annual Educational Conference (AEC)

· By-law and Policy Update where I had two motions on making Standing Committees for Bylaws and Finance.

· Chapter Activity Reports - a copy of my April report is available on the TEHA website.

· Financial Update

· Legislative Update by Lobbyist Duane Galliger with Texas Strategy Group. See his update on the Website.

· Membership

· NEHA coming to Texas in June

· New Governing Council member Class at the AEC, and suggestions for content.

· Online State GC meetings?

· Website Beacon

With two GC meetings under my belt, all I can say is I now have a new appreciation for our previous Chapter Presidents and if you’ve been a Chapter President, you understand the responsibility and time commitment for travel, attending meetings and communicating with Chapter leadership and members. My hat goes off to our Panhandle/West Texas Past Presidents - Cheryn, Jodie, Stevan, Stuart and Tommy.

Topics of interest included:

· New Business discussion about TEHA by Victor Baldovinos, TEHA President Elect.

o Plans he had to divide up Jodie’s time per chapter. The reason? Chapter members asking too many questions, which may indicate we have an ego problem. This discussion resulted in requiring Office Hours for our Executive Director to better manage time spent as we’re planning the 2016 Annual Education Conference (AEC).

Removal of a Central Texas Chapter President because of a lack of attendance at two GC meetings.

A little bit of drama at the meeting, but overall it showed that our organization is financially on a good footing, and working to improve operations and provide a great member experience.

Thanks again for allowing me to be your President this year. Our next State GC meeting is on July 15 in Austin. Please consider joining me at the meeting.

And don’t forget about our next Chapter meeting in Amarillo on Tuesday May 17th. Here’s a link to our TEHA Registration if you’re interested.