North Texas Spotlight: Janice Tower
Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 10:53pm

 North Texas Spotlight:    


If our members ever wonder why we keep nominating Janice Tower for our meritorious service award after this spotlight we hope they do not wonder any more. Janice has been a member since 1995 when she started out working in the City of Dallas. In 2007 she accepted a voluntary position that, Cindy Corley offered her as Chapter secretary. When she accepted this position it was one of best things that could have happened for our chapter.   She has created organization where before things could be a bit chaotic. She keeps our three hundred members happy by making sure we have rosters for each meeting, she keeps our chapter presidents in in-line by reminding us how things were handled in the past and to handle them in the present.   She keeps all our chapter financial and membership papers in order.
She is at almost never misses a meeting and she is there to greet our members filling out receipts and helping with membership paperwork. She is a joy to work with and most presidents of our chapter cannot stop singing her praises.
Here are a few things you may not have known about Janice. She is currently the Environmental Health Manager for the City of Richardson, where she has worked for the past 12 years. Before that she worked on her father-in-laws dairy for two years. She then a she worked at milk processing plant, wholesale greenhouse, drive thru bank, QC lab for a commercial china manufacturer, QC lab for a food manufacturer in Irving.
Janice has been married for 35 years and has two wonderful daughters and likes to she likes to garden and home can vegetables, and sew quilts.
She is a model to us all about what public service is all about and we are proud that she is one of our chapter members
Rebecca St. John
North Texas Chapter President 2014