North Texas Chapter 
A message from your Chapter President: Terry Barber


TEHA – North Texas Chapter        

 Presidents Report                                           

Things in the North Texas Chapter have been extremely busy as of late.  Your State Governing Council has had a member leave; Mr. Shawn May has left us to go to work for a Health Department in Colorado. Additionally, the State GC has been looking for a bookkeeper to help us keep our books up to date so we have all the info we need when we need it to file taxes and keep the IRS happy.  On a local level, your Chapter GC has been hard at work getting ready for the upcoming Chapter GC meeting Thursday August 1, 2019 at 8 am in DeSoto Texas at the DeSoto Conference Center.   In addition to the chapter meeting plans, we are still in search for someone to fill the open Secretary position for the Chapter, please I beg you we have to have a new person now! If you are interested in helping with the vital operations for your chapter contact me at . Also, it is time once again for the election of new Chapter Council Members, we have two 3 year General Council positons and the Vice President position up for election so if you are interest please e mail me ASAP.  In closing, I hope with all my heart that this message finds you all happy and well, please be safe out there and I will see you soon. 


Your Chapter President,

 Terry Barber