President Message Leisha Kidd-Brooks 
Hello TEHA members!

Greetings TEHA,


This year is flying by with a swiftness unforeseen even by me!  There were so many personal and professional goals I laid before my feet and with the aide of the greatest Governing Council EVER, we have EXCEEDED them all.   

Let me start off by extending gratitude to each and every one of you for accepting my presence at your chapter asked and we listened.  I am so proud of the work you guys are doing in and for our profession as well as our communities.  Well, I assessed each meeting and am giving awards to the following:

 1) Best Location and Scenery-South Texas Chapter...let's be honest guys, can't beat the beach.🤗

2) Most Welcoming-Central Texas...I think I hugged every member! 

3) Most Elaborate Lunch Spread-Panhandle....gained 6500 pounds

4) Chapter That Utilized My Presence-East Texas for sure...didn't mind one bit

5) Most organized and Attended-North Texas without a doubt...we are watching and learning

6) Strongest Chapter with Pride and Resilience-Gulf Texas without a doubt

Did you see how that was done?  No one chapter has it together, but TOGETHER we can have it ALL.  Behind the scenes we have beaten each other up, cried, shook hands, made faces at our emails, and now are standing in solidarity that we have endured the storms as a TEAM.  I, along with this awesome Executive Board and Governing Council, am pleased to announce we have navigated the exhausting halls of the IRS and emerged, allow me to relish in what FAVOR feels like because our 501c3 agent's name was JOY and that is exactly what she brought to our organization.  

We have decided to keep with the trend set forth in October by remaining transparent and you will find attached every relevant document from the IRS as well as our CPA firm, Cox and Associates which conducted a thorough reconciliation of our books.  TEHA doesn't qualify to request an "audit" because our revenue falls short of the required guidelines, but a reconciliation is examined under a microscope because each and every transaction can be followed from every chapter to the state level.  Thank you all for being complicit in every request.

We have new, fresh, and exciting tracks for you planned at this year's AEC and I charge every member to encourage and bring one new smiling face in October.  Until my next address, go forth and make a difference, educate someone about our profession, and most importantly....let us unite in solidarity that, as stated from the National Environmental Health Association's Executive Director, Dr. Dyjack, we emerge as the LEADERS they know us to be.